A Photographer’s Dream

Every photographer has a bucket list filled with dreamy locations for their shoots. For photographer Leslie Kerrigan, South Wind Ranch was one of those dream locations.

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Our Story

Nestled in the heart of beautiful Travelers Rest, South Wind Ranch brings a photographer’s lens to life. From every angle, you will capture nature’s beauty. You will capture it through its 33 sprawling acres of rolling hills, a 3-acre lake filled with reflecting sunsets, and stunning views of the North Carolina mountains. All you have to do is smile.

Behind the Lens with Leslie

Every photographer is inspired by someone or something. For Leslie Kerrigan, she was first inspired by her kids, bringing their joy and laughter to life through her photos. She decided to make her photography into a business, and soon high schoolers were running to her for their senior pictures. They were drawn to her fun, bright, and cheery style.

From the photographer: I loved connecting with young women during their senior year in high school and telling their story through my photos.  I love to get to know each client, figure out what makes them unique, and showcase their personality through the photos.

The Aesthetic Vision of the Venue

On April 30th, Leslie took her fun, bright, and cheery style to South Wind Ranch to film a photoshoot and promo video with a group of high school girls. As a photographer, she was immediately drawn to the aesthetic vision of the venue. The natural farm feel helped Leslie capture her vision perfectly and felt like everything was pairing in the color palette. The girls’ soft, boho looks, the vibrant backdrop of South Wind Ranch, and the energy that radiated between the camera and the girls truly made for a successful photoshoot.

From the photographer: The entire feel from the minute you turn down the driveway was perfect for the photoshoot.  The pond, the fields, the building and everything else was designed with a modern farmhouse feel and it really made the photoshoot a success.

A Photographers Dream Location

Many photographers create images that paint a picture, tell a story, or evoke a certain emotional connection between the image and the audience. Leslie Kerrigan took a leap of faith and beautifully painted her picture, told her story, at South Wind Ranch. There were many locations for her to choose as backdrops and the venue provided plenty of space to create lots of images. Leslie’s favorite locations included outside with the beautiful trees and tall grasses, near the reflecting pond, and inside the stunning barn.

From the photographer: I think it’s unique and different in our area to have such a beautiful spot not far from downtown. I think it would be a wonderful spot for lots of different types of events and photoshoots. From weddings to after prom parties to graduation parties to photoshoots, there is so much to choose from with the different areas at South Wind Ranch. It gives the feeling of Magnolia Plantation in Texas right here in Greenville. And who doesn’t love Chip and Joanna and that modern farmhouse feel!

Senior Shoot Collection by LKP Photography

Thank you Leslie Kerrigan for sharing your story at South Wind Ranch!
Check out her website: http://lesliekerriganphotography.com/