Naomi and Daniel Mallard’s December Wedding

December 30, 2018 – Naomi and Daniel’s Wedding Day

As the skies turned grey on this December day, Naomi and Daniel brightened it up with their joy, laughter, and pure love for one another. Naomi told us how her favorite part of the day was being with everyone she loved. She explained how it was so great to have everybody that is so special in your life all together in such a wonderful place. Naomi and Daniel’s hearts were intertwined with their personal stories, and their memories were captured from behind the lens on this beautiful, December day at South Wind Ranch.

Behind the Lens

From the photographer: On Naomi and Daniel’s wedding day, my main priority was to capture how the day felt. After photographing weddings for the past 7 years, some may assume that they all tend to blur together or feel repetitive. However this isn’t the case. Each story I get to share in is so wildly different, each couple is unique, and each wedding day calls for a different game plan. But what stays the same is my passion for investing in the lives of people who are willing to trust me and invite me in. So I’ll photograph the main events, but my favorite is looking out for the in between moments where emotion is raw and guards are let down, finding the beauty in it all.

Naomi and Daniel’s story

Every couple is unique, and every couple has a story to tell. Stories of how they met, how he proposed, and their wedding day will still be told 50 years from now. That’s the beauty in storytelling. This is Naomi and Daniel’s story. Naomi tells us: “Daniel and I met at Columbia International University. He was working in the fitness center. My friend and I walked into the gym to play indoor soccer and he stopped us to talk about the Chicago Eagles soccer ministry. We all became friends and started hanging out!” The perfect falling in love with your best friend story. And, the couple can’t wait to add to their story.

The Wedding Vision

From the photographer: I loved being able to experience South Wind Ranch. There were plenty of backdrops and spots on the property to choose from. I pride myself in being able to find the beauty in almost any setting, but at the ranch, it was easy! I loved the cabin where the girls got ready. It was clean and modern, but still had that homey, rustic feel. We also rode to the top of the hill above the barn and watched the sun set into the distant mountains. The images we took there were some of my favorites. I’ve never been on top of the world, but this definitely felt like that. The ranch is peaceful, awe-inspiring location and I would highly encourage any couple to consider it as their wedding venue.