So, you’re planning a wedding or planning on planning a wedding. Where do you start? Luckily, there is a bevy of local experts who are here to help your special day be just that. Enter: event planner Taylor Correll. Taylor was kind enough to provide us with his ten best tips for planning your perfect wedding.


Planning day-of transportation is an easy thing to overlook, but a difficult situation to work around. Among the most important is making sure there are enough vehicles reserved to help with loading up and delivering gifts, decorations, and other personal belongings. Organize this by using portable storage bins to help with easy setup and breakdown so that nothing gets lost or, heaven forbid, broken.

If the bridesmaids are mostly unfamiliar with each other, the maid of honor can help break the ice with bonding activities. Participating in things such as group yoga and classes (cooking, a wine class, art, etc…) with the bride is a great way to build a bridge for new friends. Trust me; no one wants an awkward bridal party.

Set a flexible budget so that you can be creative when considering how much a wedding will cost. Prioritize your wish list from non-negotiable to whatever works, and start there with planning your negotiations.

If you’re planning on having your hair and makeup professionally done right before the ceremony, make sure to wear a button-up or robe and not a closed-collar shirt. You don’t want to have to go over your beautiful face and hair in order to get into your dress.

Get creative with your wedding favor gifts. The ones you can make are great, but there are options available where you can get wholesale or bulk discounts on products that you can customize and have fun with.

Cover all of your bases, and have the maid of honor make a Wedding Day Bride Box. Think of it as a care package with all the bride’s favorite comforts and considerations such as treats, a small sewing set, or a hand-held fan, things that will be excellent to have for the bride (and everyone) for those unexpected moments and crises.

Consider hiring professionals to plan your wedding or coordinate your day-of events. It’s not uncommon to see friends or family of the couple assume some of these responsibilities, but when you work with a professional, you’re able to let all your guests enjoy the full experience.

Perhaps a little untraditional, but don’t take first looks off the table. First looks are when the wedding party photos are taken before the ceremony, versus waiting until the end of the procession to see each other on the day of. You still get that special moment, but you also get a little tension taken off leading up to the walk down the aisle. This method also helps with cutting down on the time it takes between the ceremony and the reception.

It always helps to have a printed timeline available for the key players to be able stay on the same page. We’re not talking about a structured and formatted itinerary for every event, but a general sense of the activities taking place in the day is the basis of communication that helps prevent avoidable accidents.

Look for budget-friendly ways to repurpose the materials in your wedding. Bridesmaids can lead the reception by adding their bouquets as centerpieces to the dining tables. You already know you like the flowers, why not get more use out of them?

There you have it. While we are by no means saying this is a comprehensive list, hopefully, these entries can help diminish your stress and make your special day easier to enjoy.

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